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Electric cart mover

Zallys M1 - The most compact and most manoeuvrable cart mover in the whole range of Zallys tugs. Thanks to its small size and light weight, it can also be loaded on trucks and vans and then be used for the delivery and handling of roll cages in supermarkets, hospitals, laundries and hotels or industrial containers in production facilities and warehouses. Conceived to speed up and optimize the handling of wheeled loads in narrow spaces, this electric tug guarantees the maximum ergonomics and fatigue-free working operations. It is equipped with an interchangeable battery pack system to cover multiple work shifts, slow/fast switch and electric brake. M1 electric tugger can handle loads up to 800 kg / 1764 lbs on flat ground (or 1 ton / 2205 lbs if equipped with ballasts).

All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.

CE certification

Max. forward speed

4 km/h

Max.slope with load *

15 %

Max.towing capacity on flat ground (without ballasts) **

800 kg

Max.towing capacity on flat ground (with ballasts) **

1000 kg