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S2 1200W 1/22

S2 - A 4 wheel man on board electric personnel carrier. It helps the moving and transport of personnel, merchandise, for the maintenance and inspection inside industries, airports, warehouses, greenhouses, markets. The S2 industrial vehicle has an incredible versatility of application in almost every field and on different type of grounds. It is equipped as standard with two types of brake systems: electric lever and mechanical by a pedal for the total safety at full load. The multi-purpose platform in the back of the vehicle can be easily accessed from the driving seat and it is adaptable to apply the standard accessories or special customisations. The S2 electric tow tractor offers the driver stability and a great control up to 8 hour on flat ground. It can load up to 150 Kg / 330 lbs and at the same time tow wheeled loads up to 750 Kg / 1653 lbs. It is equipped with a pressure sensor under the seat that allows the vehicle to function only in the presence of a man on board. The gears in oil bath avoid any kind of maintenance. All Zallys vehicles are produced with high quality materials and are CE certified according to the latest European normative.

UL certification

CE certification

Max. forward speed

16 km/h

Max.load capacity on flat ground

150 kg

Max.towing capacity on flat ground (max 3 min) **

750 kg

N ° Operators