Stainless steel

Stainless steel tow tugs have been developed for various application concepts. With our towing aids it is possible to handle wheel loads of up to 15 tons. The frame and all installed parts are in stainless steel. For use in clean rooms, pharmaceutical companies, food industries and hospitals. Zallys stainless steel electric tractors offer permanent protection against rust.

trainatore elettrico,veicoli elettrici,carrelli elettrici,trattori elettrici,Zallys

M4 - AISI316


trainatore elettrico,mezzi elettrici,carrelli elettrici,trattori elettrici,Zallys

M1 - AISI316


trainatore elettrico, mezzi elettrici, carrelli elettrici, trattori elettrici, Zallys

M12 - AISI316


Among the solutions for towing, pushing and handling loads in the Zallys range, you can find the stainless steel versions used in workplaces subject to oxidation phenomena or where it is necessary to guarantee the highest level of cleanliness . Stainless steel powered battery cart movers find their application in the pharmaceutical industry, in the food industry and in some sterile hospital environments. In addition to the quality of the material used to manufacture our stainless steel range, we offer our customers ergonomic solutions integrating multiple key factors including strength, reliability, ergonomics and safety. Stainless steel electric push tractors are used for:

- handling of trolleys used for the distribution of meals or for the transport of medicines in hospitals

- towing of stainless steel containers in pharmaceutical companies

- for the handling of industrial stainless steel containers used in food processing companies such as fermenters, tanks, storage silos and mixers