Industrial and equipment maintenance

Solutions designed specifically for the sector industrial and equipment maintenance activities that require a high level of flexibility and the maximum visibility while moving loads. Zallys offers solutions for handling heavy tools and utensils, in addition to solutions which combine loads and operator transport when it is necessary to cover long distances such as between different warehouses. Risks are minimized, while increasing the safety level for the operators, as well as maximizing efficiency and decrease costs.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

Production processes and Lean Manufacturing

Lean and efficient production are the key elements of production processes based on the Lean method. Unoptimized operations and management negatively affect productivity. Choosing a Zallys solution allows you to tow more trolleys simultaneously, reduce maneuvering space and costs for the company thanks to the reduced consumption and low maintenance required on our electric vehicles.

Flexible configuration

The basic models of our electric cart movers, trolleys and stand on vehicles can be equipped not only with manual but also with operated electric hitches , activated directly from the control panel to offer the maximum ergonomics and safety when connecting a load . In addition to our numerous standard vehicles , custom solutions are also available on demand.

Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics creates a better safety culture. Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organization.

Case studies

Industrial electric ride-on tractor inside the industry

The customer's need:

Speed up the movement of personnel from one area to another of the production area in safety in potentially dangerous environments.

Our solution:

JACK, the electric tow tug, is on the other hand the perfect solution to cover longer distances: thanks to its flexibility, it can be used for the transport of operators combined with the handling of the necessary tools for inspection and maintenance jobs on heavy machinery. 

Battery-powered transport trolley for materials within construction sites

The customer's need:

Trolley for carrying tools for on-site maintenance of heavy machinery to eliminate manual handling of loads.

Our solution:

HS4 is the ideal solution for industrial and equipment maintenance, it guarantees a high level of flexibility and maximum visibility when handling loads, risks are minimized, increasing the level of safety for operators, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. The platform is large enough to carry loads the size of a Euro pallet. The batteries guarantee operation for 8 working hours.

Battery operated trolley within the industry

The customer's need:

Electric trolley to transport loads up to 500 kg easily and quickly within the factory, without effort on the part of the operator.

Our solution:

M15, the electric trolley with large loading bed, can transport tools and materials easily and effortlessly. It is ideal for use in confined spaces thanks to its small size and the ability to rotate on itself, passes through doors and elevators, can be used anywhere. work turning it into a mobile workshop.

Electric tug for machine maintenance

The customer's need:

Speed up the movement of personnel in the maintenance of heavy machinery from one area to another of the production area, in safety.  

Our solution:

The versatile and compact M9 industrial electric hauler is the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of heavy loads, up to 3000 kg. Easy to use even in confined spaces thanks to its small size, it has been specifically designed to move machinery equipment.

Industrial electric tractor for handling agricultural machinery

The customer's need:

Electric ride-on tractor for handling heavy loads such as agricultural machinery, safely and precisely.

Our solution:

The M6.5 industrial electric ride-on mower is mainly designed for handling heavy wheeled loads and trailers up to 6000 kg, easily connectable thanks to the integrated electric lifting system, it is the ideal solution for handling agricultural machinery.

Industrial electric tractor for trolleys with boats

The customer's need:

Move boat trolleys without any effort on the part of the operator, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Our solution:

Industrial electric tractor M6.5 is a powerful and manageable vehicle at the same time, extremely simple to use; designed to handle heavy wheeled loads such as trolleys with boats, up to 6,000 kg with the lifting system and steering drawbar.

Electric tug for industrial maintenance

The customer's need:

Towing very heavy loads without any problems and safely.

Our solution:

The  M10 tow tug is a powerful pedestrian towing machine, designed and built for handling heavy and bulky loads up to 10,000 kg (15,000 kg with upgrade).

Industrial electric people carrier for handling heavy trolleys

The customer's need:

Ideal solution for moving heavy trolleys, safely and without any effort on the part of the operator.

Our solution:

K3 industrial electric people carrier, represents the ideal solution to speed up movements within the company. For loads up to 3,000 kg with pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use, also effective for handling trolleys.

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