Textile industry

Solutions designed specifically for textile the sector for moving bulky and heavy loads, especially for handling fabric reels, safely, reducing the fixed costs related to the operators required for the handling operations, while increasing productivity and efficiency at the same time. Generally, the trolleys that are used inside textile companies are equipped with two fixed wheels and two legs, or with two fixed wheels and two pivoting wheels.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

An ecological choice

Electric vehicles have neither CO2 nor acoustic emissions and this translates into a healthier work environment; they can also be used without problems in closed rooms.

Increased productivity

Zallys electric utility vehicles are versatile enough to cover different applications or can be fully customized for a specific need. They’ll let you cover longer distances or carrying more goods faster , leading to immediate gains in efficiency.

Workplace Ergonomics

Ergonomics creates a better safety culture. Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to safety and health as a core value. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organization.

Case studies

Vertical tug for the transport of reels within the textile industry

The customer's need:

Move heavy loads of trolleys with reels precisely, safely and quickly without effort on the part of the operator.

Our solution:

M12 is the compact, powerful and versatile hauler, it facilitates and speeds up the towing and pushing operations of heavy loads such as fabric reels, using only one operator. It can pull and push trolleys up to 1,500 kg. Thanks to the electric hook, the connection operation is also faster and safer with excellent maneuverability in confined spaces.

Electric tug with hydraulic lifting to move two-wheeled trolleys within the textile industry

The customer's need:

Handling of two-wheeled trolleys that need to be lifted for towing and pushing operations.

Our solution:

M16 is the ideal solution for handling trolleys loaded with fabric that must be lifted for pulling and pushing operations. With a lifting capacity of 1,800 kg and a towing capacity of up to 6,000 kg, it is the perfect vehicle for moving the trolley with two fixed wheels and two legs.

Electric pusher to move trolleys in textile companies

The customer's need:

Companies operating in the textile sector often need to move bulky and heavy carts, safely and with precision.

Our solution:

M1 is the compact and easy-to-drive electric hauler, which allows you to move 4-wheeled trolleys quickly and precisely, improving safety and efficiency. Guaranteeing maximum ergonomics to operators and the elimination of any physical effort due to manual handling of loads.

Electric mini tractor within the textile industry

The customer's need:

To easily and safely transport the textile goods within the production area by the operator.

Our solution:

The JACK industrial electric tractor is the ideal solution to eliminate manual handling of loads and speed up travel. Versatile and compact, to tow loads up to 1,500 kg, it can be used for the transport and movement of personnel, for the handling of textile goods within the company.

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