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Agile and multifunctional. Our electric vehicles for hotels are used in tourist facilities for the transport of personnel, luggage and equipment. Our solutions, all rigorously eco-sustainable, are used to perform green management functions, waste collection, transport of food and hotel linen, assistance and surveillance services.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

An ecological choice

Electric vehicles have neither CO2 nor acoustic emissions and this translates into a healthier work environment; they can also be used without problems in closed rooms.

Increased productivity

Zallys electric utility vehicles are versatile enough to cover different applications or can be fully customized for a specific need. They’ll let you cover longer distances or carrying more goods faster , leading to immediate gains in efficiency.

Interchangeable battery for 24/7 operation

The range of solutions offered by Zallys also includes models equipped with interchangeable batteries to guarantee sufficient autonomy to cover multiple work shifts.

Case studies

Vehicle for bathing establishments, Itally

The customer's need:

A solution to transport sunbeds and deckchairs around the beach side efficiently with a vehicle that was silent and zero emissions.

Our solution:

The Zallys Jack L model with a special accessory designed specifically for this application. Model equipped with 240ah gel batteries that are maintenance free and are able to cover multiple work shifts.

Valamar Hotels, Croatia

The customer's need:

An electric trolley suitable for carrying out daily activities for hotel guests, from room service to the delivery of hotel linen.

Our solution:

The Zallys Jespi L, basic model, has been customized with a special load platform to match their specifications.

Le Duc du Praslin & Villas Hotel, Seychelles

The customer's need:

Silent running and ecofriendly electri carts for housekeeping to carry linen and for the maintenance department of the resort.

Our solution:

The HS model electric trolley equipped with a large loading platform with removable sides and pneumatic wheels for use even on uneven ground.

Electric flatbed trolley for drinks during public events

The customer's need:

Trolley for transporting drinks during public events.

Our solution:

Jespi electric flatbed trolley, is a model equipped with a loading platform with removable sides and pneumatic wheels for use even on uneven ground, suitable for transporting drinks during public events.

Electric transporter with flatbed for the transport of material in a hotel

The customer's need:

Vehicle to easily transport materials such as luggage, suitcases or packages inside the hotel.

Our solution:

The JESPI L electric transporter with platform is the most ideal solution for the transport of suitcases or bulky goods up to 1,000 kg, it can be equipped with different models of platforms of different capacities, with opening sides.

Motorized trolley to transport goods

The customer's need:

Trolley to transport goods in railway stations with ease for the operator.

Our solution:

TR30 motorized trolley, versatile and compact, is the ideal solution for the transport of goods up to 300 kg, it guarantees speed in movements in all storage and warehousing jobs even in confined spaces.

Zallys M6.5 - Industrial Electric Mover

The customer's need:

Solution for towing a trailer with horse on board, safely and precisely.

Our solution:

Zallys M6.5 industrial electric tractor with electric lifting system to facilitate load hooking, represents the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of heavy loads up to 6,000 kg.

Zallys M6.5 - Industrial electric tractor

The customer's need:

Solutions to easily move heavy trailers such as boats and dinghies.

Our solution:

Zallys M6.5 is the perfect industrial trolley to move heavy trailers, boats, airplanes and everything you need, up to 6.000 kg. There are many accessories compatible with this model, pneumatic wheels for internal and external use and with the optional electric lifting system to facilitate the coupling of the trolley.

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