Mines & Tunnels

Our electric vehicles are used for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of vehicles used in the mining industry. Electric platform trolleys suitable for the transport of tools that are used to carry out maintenance in workshops or power pushers for the handling of trolleys used in the mines.

The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

For working in confined spaces

Zallys vehicles are so compact that they can be placed under construction machinery to carry out maintenance works, be used in tunnels and mines where there is extremely limited steering space or to be used on very narrow steel walkways.

Low noise level

The low noise level of our vehicles makes it possible to use Zallys machines even during the night and indoors, in full compliance with the regulations governing noise pollution.

Sealed batteries for indoor use

For most Zallys vehicles you can choose the upgrade to sealed batteries which offers the following benefits: - Ready to install, filled with acid and already charged - Sealed, so easy and safe to use (acid cannot leak) - Maintenance-free after assembly - AGM gel technology

Case studies

BHP - Australia

The customer's need:

Handling a tool trolley along a sloping ramp.

Our solution:

The M12 electric tug allowed the trolley to be moved without any physical effort from the operator.

Mining company - Chile

The customer's need:

Eliminate the manual handling of tools used for the maintenance of mining trucks.

Our solution:

The HS4 electric platform trolley capable of carrying up to 600 kg from A to B. Thanks to its small sizes it can be positioned under the vehicle on which maintenance interventions are required.

Construction of the Brussels - Belgium metro line

The customer's need:

A wheelbarrow capable of transporting up to 500 kg of material without emissions of harmful gases.

Our solution:

The Dumper Jet wheelbarrow with sealed batteries and pneumatic wheels for use on rough terrain.

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