Public Bodies

Our range of utility electric vehicles includes electric platform carts and personnel carriers that can be tailor-made for multiple applications such as bin collection, parks and gardens maitenance, street cleaning activities. Our zero-emissions machines are silent running and represent the right solution for urban communities, metropolitan areas and pedestrian city centres. Some of our electric vehicles are being used in combination with other special equipments for watering activities in parks, cleaning streets and doing maintenance of green spaces.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

Eco-sustainable solutions

No local CO2 emissions: the electric motors with which Zallys vehicles are equipped obviously do not consume oil in the form of petrol or diesel, unlike vehicles with internal combustion engines. Consequently, during their use there is no CO2 emission in the air.

Compact dimensions

The compact dimensions of the Zallys vehicles and the small turning radius enable driving on narrow and inaccessible streets in the city centers. Numerous possible configurations for each application.

The right solution for every need

With a large selection of models and configurations, we do offer the optimization of the vehicle for the respective application. For example, Zallys offers an hydraulic controlled tilting platform, skips or platforms with a tilting function, 3 or 4-wheel vehicles, machines with drawbars or handlebars, tires for indoor and outdoor use, standard or long versions of the base frame, etc.

Case studies

Zallys Jespi L in combination weeding system

The customer's need:

Make it easier to move the weeding system and avoid manual handling of the machinery

Our solution:

An electric trolley with a low ground clearance to allow easy access to the controls of the weeding system installed on our electric vehicle

Zallys Jespi in combination with irrigation system

The customer's need:

The possibility of moving the water tank and therefore being able to water the plants even in places where there was no access to the water network

Our solution:

The battery powered trolley Jespi which, thanks to its pneumatic wheels, can also be used on uneven ground and can transport up to 1 ton, if equipped with heavy duty shafts.

Municipal sports facilities - Belgium

The customer's need:

Facilitate the maintenance of clay tennis courts and make this type of activity less tiring for operators.

Our solution:

The S1 electric ride-on mower which not only guarantees all the comfort to the operator, but at the same time pulls the equipment necessary for the maintenance of the tennis court

Industrial electric tractor for towing equipment in sports fields

The customer's need:

Transporting sports equipment to the fields easily and safely.

Our solution:

The JACK industrial electric tractor is the ideal solution to eliminate manual handling of loads and speed up travel. Versatile and compact for towing loads up to 1500 kg, suitable for transporting sports equipment easily and safely even on the most difficult terrain.

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