Railway industry

Solutions designed specifically for the railway sector for moving trains and train engines inside production and maintenance centers: Zallys vehicles facilitate handling operations of heavy and bulky loads, with zero exhaust and noise emissions. This way, the risks for the operators are reduced, the handling efficiency increases, while decreasing the operational costs.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

Manual handling of loads reduced to a minimum

Manual handling of loads is one of the following activities for workers: lifting, holding, setting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load. When handling loads manually, several risk factors contribute to health hazards and thus also to an increased risk of injury. Investing in a Zallys solution helps avoid risks and increase productivity.

For working in confined spaces

Zallys vehicles are so compact that they can be placed under construction machinery to carry out maintenance works, be used in tunnels and mines where there is extremely limited steering space or to be used on very narrow steel walkways.

Increased productivity

Zallys electric utility vehicles are versatile enough to cover different applications or can be fully customized for a specific need. They’ll let you cover longer distances or carrying more goods faster , leading to immediate gains in efficiency.

Case studies

Zallys - M10

The customer's need:

Towing locomotives' parts on rails along the assembly phases, being able to move also multiple trolleys.

Our solution:

M10 is the most powerful tow tug of the entire range, it is the perfect solution for very heavy loads: it moves loads up to 10,000 kg on rails effortlessly. Useful for handling semi-finished products, suitable for towing heavy vehicles such as locomotives or even finished locomotives ready for delivery.

Zallys -M12

The customer's need:

Allowing the operator to easily move heavy loads with maximum precision and safety.

Our solution:

M12 is the compact vertical electric tug, which is an ideal solution for handling loads up to 1,500 kg, and it has an excellent maneuverability also in narrow spaces, thanks to its compact size and reclining drawbar. Various adjustable hooks are available to connect and tow different types and sized trolleys.

Electric tug for the railway industry

The customer's need:

Transport heavy loads of locomotives on rails along the various assembly stages, in all simplicity with maximum precision and safety.

Our solution:

The versatile and compact M10 hauler is the optimal solution for very heavy loads: it effortlessly moves loads up to 10,000 kg (15,000 kg with upgrade), suitable for towing heavy vehicles such as locomotives or even finished locomotives ready for delivery .

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