Over 200 leading brands and companies have chosen the quality of Zallys products.

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We let others speak for us. Zallys wishes to mention all its customers without preference, to demonstrate how they are all on the same level: the top.
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Industrial logistics

Metallurgical and turning industry

Railway industry

Glass industry

Textile industry

Production Lines

Integrated logistics & retail chains


Laundries and multiservice companies

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry

Public Bodies

Food industry

Industrial and equipment maintenance

Constructions and galleries

Airports and aviation

Agriculture, breeding & wineries

Offshore, Oil and Gas sector

Hotels, Resorts & Tourism

Satisfied customers are our best reference. With over 20 years of experience and constant commitment to our customers, we have successfully completed thousands of projects. With our solutions to improve the material flow, we supply professional electric vehicles to some of the largest companies in the world. Our references give an idea of ​​our daily work and underline our expertise in consultancy and technology. We work closely with our sales network and help our partners to win over and retain customers. Our customers include many market leaders in the following areas: airports, supermarkets, industrial and mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical and medical technology, car and commercial vehicle manufacturers, e-commerce and mail order sales, food and beverage industry, waste management, textile industry and much more. Why are our customers so satisfied? Whether it's process optimization, preventive measures for manual handling of loads or implementation of lean processes, we offer the right solution for most of our customers' needs.