Industrial logistics

Zallys offers a wide range of electric logistics solutions for multiple industrial applications, the ideal choice to increase productivity while reducing hazards, risks and injuries associated with manual handling of loads. Electric tug, cart movers and trolleys to handle loads up to 15 tons fast and safely, ecofriendly vehicles for indoor and outdoor material handling needs. Stock assembly lines, pick parts and receive shipments faster than with a forklift.

Integrated logistics & retail chains

Ecofriendly tugs, trolleys and cart movers for indoor and outdoor material handling needs. Pedestrian and man on board electric powered solutions to increase productivity in multiple logistic applications. Our vehicles are the ideal solution to tow multiple roll containers inside supermarkets, move multiple shopping trolleys, pull waste bin containers, for order picking activities and much more.


Material handling in the automotive industry is an ever changing process that goes through numerous transformations. In few decades assembly lines manned by individual workers have been transformed into lines where modern and ergonomics equipments and solutions have been implemented. Electric tugger trains , pedestrian tow tugs and order picking electric trolleys became very popular and are nowadays being selected by the major role players of the automotive sector.


Ergonomic material handling solutions for hospitals and clinics, where high cleanliness levels are required. Stainless steel tugs for clean rooms available . Eco-friendly, easy to clean, low maintenance, high level of corrosion resistance. Easily handle laundry carts, trash bins, meal boxes or even special medical equipment. Electric handling solutions designed to increase productivity and improving safety.

Rollboxes and bins handling

Professional electric vehicles to increase productivity while reducing risks and injuries related to manual handling of loads. Easily handle laundry carts, trash bins, meal boxes or special equipments on wheels, quickly and without effort. Eco-friendly, silent running and without fumes, they are the best solution for handling wheeled loads in public environments and narrow spaces.

Airports and aviation

A wide range of battery powered solutions designed to make airport operations easier and safer. Electric cart movers, trolleys and ride on tuggers for airport logistics, ideal to be used indoor, outdoor and in narrow spaces, thanks to their reduced dimensions. Ergonomic, silent running and eco-friendly professional electric solutions for many different applications such as handling of luggage trolleys, moving catering trolleys or carrying baggages. Electric vehicles for transport and towing operations in airport areas. Thanks to their compact size can also be used with ease in narrow spaces, such as corridors, moving walks and industrial elevators.

Laundries and multiservice companies

For companies in the facility management sector that offer cleaning and catering services, Zallys electrical solutions are available to facilitate the transport of tools and material necessary for the performance of the various activities. Our electric vehicles are chosen for cleaning services carried out in offices, banks, supermarkets, universities, museums and residential complexes.


Our range of utility electric vehicles includes electric platform carts and personnel carriers that can be tailor-made for multiple applications such as bin collection, parks and gardens maitenance, street cleaning activities. Our zero-emissions machines are silent running and represent the right solution for urban communities, metropolitan areas and pedestrian city centres. Some of our electric vehicles are being used in combination with other special equipments for watering activities in parks, cleaning streets and doing maintenance of green spaces.

Constructions and galleries

Solid and handy electric wheelbarrows to improve safety and productivity of the operators. Eco-friendly, they respect the anti pollution normative for noise or exhaust fumes emission. Perfect solution to easily handle materials without physical effort and in total safety. Designed to work indoor and outdoor on even and uneven grounds.Designed for professional applications on difficult terrain .

Offshore, Oil and Gas sector

Solutions designed specifically for the offshore, oil and gas sector available in the Atex or stainless steel version. Among the various possible applications, Zallys electric vehicles are useful for towing equipment or for transporting work tools during embarkation, disembarkation and transhipment operations in oil platforms or ships that are used for moving personnel.

Mines & Tunnels

Our electric vehicles are used for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of vehicles used in the mining industry. Electric platform trolleys suitable for the transport of tools that are used to carry out maintenance in workshops or power pushers for the handling of trolleys used in the mines.

Hotels, Resorts & Tourism

Agile and multifunctional. Our electric vehicles for hotels are used in tourist facilities for the transport of personnel, luggage and equipment. Our solutions, all rigorously eco-sustainable, are used to perform green management functions, waste collection, transport of food and hotel linen, assistance and surveillance services.

Agriculture, breeding & wineries

Eco-friendly vehicles, silent running and without emissions to protect fields, products and animal husbandry, are the best choice to work better, faster and without risks, while respecting the nature. Platform trolleys and man on board electric vehicles to transport loads and personnel, considerably reducing production times and physical efforts. Electric vehicles that can also be used off-road, sturdy but at the same time compact. Can also be used in closed environments such as greenhouses and nurseries.

Green maintenance

The applications of Zallys electric vehicles designed for the maintenance of green areas are endless. Among the various solutions that we can offer, the most successful products are the electric wheelbarrow for maintenance works in parks and cemeteries, an electric platform for pruning or electric platform solutions for the transport of vegetable waste.

Custom Solutions

Our technical skills and experience gained over the years enable us to successfully manage the most demanding projects, from counselling to implementation of a new solution. We employ state-of-the-art technology and selected personnel in our work to offer our customers what they expect. Zallys offers a design and customization service to meet your logistics needs.


Professional 4-wheel pedestrian operated vehicles, specifically designed for cemeteries. Coffin handling and burial procedures made easy, without physical effort and totally safe. Move, lift and bury coffins with ease and in total safety, avoiding noise or emissions, indoor and outdoor.