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Zallys M5 utilizzato per trainare un pesante carrello con tubi in uno stabilimento produttivo

About Us

The material handling specialists


Zallys products are the result of in-depth research, specifically designed to guarantee maximum functionality in the intended applications.

The attention to design ensures optimal performance, while their versatility allows them to satisfy a wide range of needs. This results in reliable and efficient solutions for our customers.


To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, our products are constantly improving to stay at the forefront of the latest technologies. Built in Italy with quality materials, they are equipped with advanced safety systems, guaranteeing reliability and optimally responding to their needs.


​Zallys dedication to aesthetic and functional design characterizes every item we produce. Priority is given to ergonomics and user safety, central values that guide our design process. Every detail is carefully curated to ensure a comfortable and reliable user experience, reflecting our commitment to quality and excellence.

Zallys: leading the future

​Our mission is driven by a passion for creating advanced, sustainable solutions that transform logistics operations.

Prova fondo nero M12.jpg

Maneuverability and Design

Zallys electric vehicles are the result of meticulous design that ensures high standards of quality and technological innovation. Zallys products are powerful and reliable, with a modern design and incredible maneuverability.

Starting from the assumption that our products are created to make people's work simpler and safer, we always develop intuitive products within everyone's reach, which guarantee a concrete improvement without having to integrate complex systems that require qualified personnel.

Particular attention is given to the design, to provide a high-level experience from both an ergonomic and aesthetic point of view.

Constant evolution

The Zallys team is made up of highly competent and motivated professionals, constantly committed to finding the best solutions for operators.

Our Research and Development department uses innovative software to create products that meet market and industry needs.

Thanks to our vast network of national and international resellers, we are constantly updated on new challenges in every sector and ready to best satisfy customer needs.

L'innovativo sistema di servizio post-vendita è il fiore all'occhiello di Zallys: una gestione online sempre disponibile per ricambi e assistenza


Zallys' cutting edge and reliability are highlighted above all in our careful and customized after-sales service.

We offer our customers the possibility to order spare parts and request assistance 24/7, from anywhere in the world.

Our dedicated customer support team is always updated and ready to resolve any doubts about Zallys electric vehicles.

Our organization is entirely focused on customer satisfaction and support, ensuring spare parts are shipped with the utmost care and efficiency, usually within the day following the order.

From the project to creation

​From project conception to final product creation, our integrated, quality-oriented approach ensures a flawless process.

Research, design and development

​Zallys was born and still has its headquarters in Italy and more precisely in Sarcedo, in the province of Vicenza. The team of expert designers has made it possible to create electric vehicles capable of satisfying the needs of the reference market, with a vast range of products that perform the most varied functions, from towing trolleys to the transport of inert material up to the movement of personnel, all built in Italy with the highest quality materials and direct control over internal production.

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Production and accessories

The efficiency of the mass production of Zallys electric movers merges with the skill of the craftsmen who assemble each machine individually, guaranteeing the highest quality. Designed to handle heavy loads even in limited spaces, Zallys compact electric vehicles offer modular configurations with accessories to optimize ergonomics and functionality, such as hooks, platforms and additional protections.

The tugs in the future of Zallys

Zallys is a company consolidated over time but which looks to the future. We interact with customers on a daily basis to understand their new industrial needs and stay up to date with the latest technologies in the mechanical construction and electronics sector. The Zallys team is constantly working on updating existing products and creating new solutions in line with emerging user needs.

Nel futuro di Zallys ci sono progetti di macchine sempre più performanti e la sfida di realizzare sempre prodotti all'avanguardia per far fronte alle crescenti esigenze del mercato

​Experience, innovation and know-how to drive change in the handling landscape and provide cutting-edge solutions that allow you to reach new levels of efficiency and success.

Our History

 The idea 
of electric vehicles

The first Zallys machine and the idea of building load-handling vehicles


Between the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, Adriano and the first Zallys team began to develop and design the first electric vehicles for moving loads. Initially concentrated in the agricultural market, they understood that the applications that can be solved with Zallys products are many and different. Thus was born the range for the industrial use of battery-powered vehicles, respecting operators and the surrounding environment.

Ampliamento del  Team 

In 2015, his sons Luca and Jody were introduced to the Team, bringing new ideas and projects.


With the ambition of reaching more and more countries and industrial sectors, Zallys can rely on a solid and vast commercial network which includes around 70 dealers all over the world.

In response to the growing demand for electric and ergonomic towing and transport solutions, the Zallys team is constantly engaged in the design and development of new solutions to support operators in their daily activities.

With the aim of improving our products and our service every day using the most advanced technologies, we are already working on new projects and increasingly functional and interconnected solutions to simplify and make people's work safer.

 ​New sectors 
of application

Between the end of the 90s and the early 2000s, the development of the first industrial movers began

Zallys  in the world  and
 in the future 

Thanks to an intuition of the founder Adriano Zamberlan, forced to replace a combustion engine with an electric motor, the first idea of battery electric vehicles for moving heavy loads was born in 1996.

Sure of the potential of this new project and certain of the versatility of the new battery-powered movers, Adriano begins to design their characteristics, details, design and their autonomy.

With a company already established and well structured, it was decided around 2015 to expand the Zallys Team by introducing Luca and Jody Zamberlan, the sons of the founder Adriano.

With fresh ideas and new projects, Zallys acquires a more international flavor and attention to detail: new marketing strategies, a new website, a different management of the sales network and modern product design.

The work then begins in synergy between Adriano's solid technical knowledge and Luca and Jody's innovation.



The Team

​Zallys is backed by a dynamic team of professionals supported by a network of certified local suppliers. This close collaboration guarantees direct and constant control over the quality of materials, fundamental for the creation of high-end products, reflecting the trust established over time.

Adriano Zamberlan - CEO Founder - Zallys srl

CEO & Founder

Adriano Zamberlan

Luca Zamberlan - Marketing Manager - Zallys srl

Marketing Manager

Luca Zamberlan

Letizia Valerio - CEO Founder - Zallys srl

CEO & Founder

Letizia Valerio

Jody Zamberlan - Lean Production Manager - Zallys srl

Lean Production Manager

Jody Zamberlan

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