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Tow hitches

Safe connections for towing carts and trailers

The hooks are essential to complete Zallys handlers as they constitute the connection between the machine and the trolley, trailer or trailer to be towed.

Different types are available, depending on the type of application.

Tow hooks of various types for safe connections: pin or ball hooks, multifunction hooks, specific hooks for roll-boxes and electric or hydraulic clamps.


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Pin hitches


Connection hitches with pin attachment, available with different diameters depending on the needs.


Pin hitches are the ideal solution for connecting eyelet drawbar trolleys.

Ball hitches


Connection hitches with ball attachment.


Ball hitches are generally used to connect trailers, such as caravans, 2-wheel trolleys or boat trolleys equipped with a special coupling.

Multifunctional hitches


Connection hitches with pin and ball attachment, to cover more applications.


Multifunctional hitches are the right choice if there is a need to tow various types of trolleys with different attachments.

Hitches for roll-box carts


Connection hitches specific for roll-box carts.


Roll-box hitches have been designed specifically for this type of carts, which in most cases have a tubular structure to which it is possible to connect.

Electric hitches


Connection hitches with electric clamp, controlled directly by the head.


Electric hooks are the safest and most practical to use, as they are controlled directly by the machine head, and allow a quick and stable connection. They are suitable for trolleys with tubular frames.

Hydraulic hitches


Connection hitches with a hydraulic clamp, controlled by a manual pump


Hydraulic hitches offer a more solid connection and are more resistant. Recommended for the heaviest loads and for cantilevered ones.

Customized hitches

In the case of particular applications that cannot be carried out with standard hooks, Zallys can design customized connections, tailored to the customer's needs.



Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.



Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Construction and Testing

Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Is it possible to request a demonstration of the products at our company?

Of course, just fill out the form found on all product and sector pages and send the request: our staff will respond as quickly as possible.

How do you connect the machine to the trolley to be towed?

Zallys tow trucks have a wide range of hooks and connections, manual or electric, depending on the type of trolley that needs to be towed.

For more information on hooks, click here.

Are the accessories included on the machine?

No. The accessories can be selected during the configuration of the machine according to the specific needs of usage.

Can I add accessories to the machine after I have completed the order?

As the range of accessories on the Zallys catalogue is very wide, we always suggest to confront with our Team or with your reference Zallys Dealer in order to configure the machine correctly before completing the order.

How much time does the Zallys products warranty last?

The warranty is valid worldwide for 12 months starting from the date of delivery validated by a fiscal document, excluding components subject to wear and tear. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to add other accessories if I can't find one that suits my needs among the standard ones?

We always suggest to use accessories designed and built by Zallys because through tests we can guarantee full compatibility with the machines and the maximum safety. We cannot guarantee the compatibility for third parties accessories.

If none of the standard solutions meet your needs, contact our team to design a customized solution.

Where can I buy the accessories?

Zallys accessories are conceived as a complement to the machine, in order to make it more versatile and adapt it to various applications, that's why they cannot be purchased separately.

How can I become a Zallys Dealer?

Contact us by filling the form in all the products, sectors and accessories pages.

Where are Zallys electric vehicles designed and produced?

The registered and operational headquarters of Zallys, where all our electric machines are designed and developed, is located in Italy, and more precisely in Sarcedo in the province of Vicenza. Zallys is a proud representative of Made in Italy quality and design.

Compatible products

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is synonymous with:

No fixed installations

Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Zallys electric vehicles make your production line more flexible and dynamic.


Zallys electric vehicles are multifunctional products that you can use in various departments of your company.

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