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Man-on-board electric vehicles

Zallys offers one-of-a-kind industrial electric vehicles, the perfect option for moving personnel in warehouses and production departments. Our electric people carriers improve picking efficiency. Some models can be transformed and certified Atex and IECEx - ZONE 1/21 and 2/22, guaranteeing safety in potentially explosive and dangerous environments.


Effective movement of goods and personnel

Zallys electric personnel carriers are designed for the professional movement of goods and people. With the operator on board, these innovative vehicles are practical, safe and versatile. In particular, models like JACK not only offer considerable load capacity, but also towing capacity, making them ambivalent and suitable for performing multiple functions. These tools transform handling operations into an efficient and productive process.

The range of Zallys electric vehicles with operator on board

The Zallys range offers solutions with a standing or seated operator, covering numerous applications in many production sectors. They optimize intralogistics processes and, thanks to their zero-emission nature, can be used indoors.

The versatility of Zallys industrial electric vehicles lies in the numerous configurations available. They are safe, easy to use, maneuverable and compact.

Zallys electric vehicles and tractors are particularly useful for a number of activities, such as:

  • Movement of "milk run" trolleys for production and material handling;

  • Transport of spare parts and horizontal picking in distribution centers;

  • Management of orders in e-commerce stores;

  • Transport of tools and components for the maintenance of machinery and production lines;

  • Provision of services to maintenance and inspection personnel in large production areas, shopping centers, airports and, in general, to speed up movement in very large areas.

The definitive solution to increase efficiency and productivity

Our electric vehicles are the ideal solution to improve logistics processes and increase productivity. Find out more about the Zallys range and find the model that best suits your needs. With Zallys, the future of handling is now.

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