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Additional options to increase vehicle safety

In addition to the numerous safety systems and devices already installed as standard on Zallys electric vehicles, additional options are available such as wheel protection covers, rotating beacons and signal lights.

Devices and accessories to increase machine safety


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Wheel and bumper protection kits


Some of the Zallys electric vehicles can be equipped with wheel protection kits or front bumpers.


Protective carters can be fitted to protect the vehicle and wheels from accidental impacts, thus avoiding damage to vital parts.

Fixed or telescopic LED rotating beacon kits


Orange flashing lights are available as accessories on Zallys electric vehicles.


Flashing LED lights, or beacons, can be added to signal your location while operating the vehicle

Blue signal light kits


A blue LED headlight is available for some Zallys electric vehicles.


The blue light emits a very powerful light signal that indicates the position and range of the vehicle.

Customized security

According to customer needs, additional safety systems and customized protections can be integrated into the machine.



Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.



Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Construction and Testing

Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Is it possible to request a demonstration of the products at our company?

Of course, just fill out the form found on all product and sector pages and send the request: our staff will respond as quickly as possible.

Are the accessories included on the machine?

No. The accessories can be selected during the configuration of the machine according to the specific needs of usage.

Can I add accessories to the machine after I have completed the order?

As the range of accessories on the Zallys catalogue is very wide, we always suggest to confront with our Team or with your reference Zallys Dealer in order to configure the machine correctly before completing the order.

How much time does the Zallys products warranty last?

The warranty is valid worldwide for 12 months starting from the date of delivery validated by a fiscal document, excluding components subject to wear and tear. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Compatible products

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is synonymous with:

No fixed installations

Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


Zallys electric vehicles make your production line more flexible and dynamic.


Zallys electric vehicles are multifunctional products that you can use in various departments of your company.

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