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Electric tow tug with hydraulic lifting system

Immerse yourself in the exclusive technology of the Zallys M18 electric tow tractor with hydraulic lifting system, the optimal solution for managing two-wheeled trolleys, which require to be raised on one side for towing and pushing operations. This professional device offers a lifting capacity of up to 8,000 kg and the strength to tow up to 20,000 kg on level ground.

Equipped as standard with 240 Ah AGM batteries, it has autonomy for an entire work shift of 8 hours. Furthermore, thanks to the external high-frequency charger, charging is quick and easy.

Like all Zallys vehicles, M18 is a high quality Made in Italy product, guaranteed and CE certified in compliance with current European regulations.








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Ergonomic Zallys tillerhead

The speed of this model is adjustable on 5 levels, to adapt the conduction based on the type of operation you are facing. The Flex-to-go system, designed to be able to carry out maneuvers in fewer steps by reducing speed in tight spaces and travel long distances more quickly by accelerating on straights.

For each level the speed of the machine increases by 20%, according to this curve:

  • 1st level: Speed ​​at 20%;
  • 2nd level: Speed ​​at 40%;
  • 3rd level: Speed ​​at 60%;
  • 4th level: Speed ​​at 80%;
  • 5th level: Maximum speed;

N.B. The maximum speed of the machine is shown in the Technical Data section.

The right speed for every operation

High efficiency 240 Ah batteries

The Zallys charger provides reliable and quality charging. Thanks to PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, it improves battery performance during charging and prevents potentially harmful current peaks.

Furthermore, it is multi-voltage and adapts to the 110 or 220V electrical network and is equipped with "buffer" technology, essential for maintaining battery performance in the event of long periods of non-use.

High frequency external battery charger

The Zallys M18 tiller head was designed and created to make the operator's use of the machine more ergonomic, guaranteeing the right comfort for prolonged use during the work shift. Its ergonomic design allows you to have everything at hand:

  1. ignition key;
  2. display showing the remaining battery charge and the set speed;
  3. button for selecting the 5 speeds;
  4. horn button;
  5. maintained action driving controls;
  6. anti-crushing safety button;
  7. lifting arm operating button;
  8. an extra button slot for additional accessories.

The structure is made of materials resistant to accidental impacts.

Ergonomic driving

5-level adjustable speed

This model is equipped as standard with four 240Ah batteries, which guarantee the machine an autonomy of 8 working hours with continuous use.

The batteries are AGM sealed and therefore do not require maintenance.

Autonomy for an entire working day

High frequency external battery charger

Electric tow tug with hydraulic lifting system

  • to tow loads up to 20,000 kg ;

  • lifting capacity up to 8,000 kg ;

  • versatile and compact;

  • operational autonomy to cover an 8-hour shift;

  • 5-level travel speed adjustment;

  • standard or customizable hooks on request.

Hydraulic lifting system

The Zallys M18 hydraulic lifting system has been specifically designed to handle 2-wheel trolleys , which must be lifted on one side to be able to be moved. Controlled directly from the control head , it makes operations simple, safe and without physical effort on the part of the operator.

Case history

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Zallys M18 can only be used on flat ground

While the hook force expressed in N remains unchanged, the towing capacity expressed in kg may vary based on: type of terrain on which towing is carried out, use or otherwise of ballast and type of wheels mounted on the machine and trailer.

20,000 kg

Maximum tow capacity (on flat surface)

8,000 kg

Max. lifting capacity (on flat surface)

3.0 km/h

Maximum speed forward

Technical data