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Food Industry

Vertical electric tow up to 1,500 kg

A solution for every need

The logistical and intralogistic needs of companies operating in the large-scale retail sector are very diversified: from the movement of containers of ingredients to the unloading and storage of goods just delivered from the truck. Zallys vehicles are versatile and can represent a universal solution for all these applications.

Increased productivity

Zallys electric vehicles offer great versatility for different types of applications and can be completely customized for a specific job. They allow you to travel greater distances or move more material in less time, bringing immediate benefits in terms of operational efficiency.

AISI 316 stainless steel

Some of our models are suitable for use in environments where a high level of hygiene is required. Zallys offers high quality electric vehicles made of AISI316 stainless steel, washable after each use.

Precise handling

One of the points of strength of our machines is the handling in confined spaces as well as the possibility of maneuvering a load safely and precisely, especially in environments open to the public such as hospitals, hotels and airports.



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Case history

Zallys M12 stainless steel version for the food industry

Customer's need:

The customer needed to move the kneading machines within the production plant, with a system that also avoided contamination risks.

Our solution:

The Zallys M12 model can be built on request in AISI316 stainless steel, resistant to chemical agents and suitable for use in the food industry, sterile environments, cold rooms and freezers.

Zallys M12 to tow ingredient containers - Sweden

Customer's need:

The customer wanted to find a solution to precisely handle ingredient containers, eliminating the manual handling of operators.

Our solution:

With the Zallys M12 electric mover and the hook with electric gripper, the operator can firmly connect the machine to the container, and direct it precisely along the production line.

Zallys M5 for moving refrigerated trolleys

Customer's need:

The customer was looking for an electric tow truck to use indoors, to move food trolleys and refrigerators safely

Our solution:

Zallys M5 is a compact and versatile electric tug, the perfect solution to eliminate manual handling of loads. The customer was especially surprised by the precision with which he manages to direct a row of 3 or 4 trolleys together.


Is it possible to request a demonstration of the products at our company?

Of course, just fill out the form found on all product and sector pages and send the request: our staff will respond as quickly as possible.

Can Zallys vehicles be used on sloping terrain?

Most models in the Zallys range can handle slopes, for further information consult the technical data sheets of the specific model.

Can Zallys electric vehicles be used on the road?

No. Zallys vehicles are designed for industrial use in limited areas and cannot circulate on roads, pavements, cycle paths or in public places in general. For particular cases, such as machines used for park maintenance, cleaning pavements or collecting municipal waste, authorization is required from the competent bodies.

How much time does the Zallys products warranty last?

The warranty is valid worldwide for 12 months starting from the date of delivery validated by a fiscal document, excluding components subject to wear and tear. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I become a Zallys Dealer?

Contact us by filling the form in all the products, sectors and accessories pages.

On what type of flooring can Zallys products be used?

Most Zallys electric vehicles have pneumatic wheels suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Some models, such as the DUMPER-JET electric wheelbarrow, are fitted with tires suitable for use on uneven terrain while others, such as the K4 electric tractor or the M15 battery-powered trolley, are designed for predominantly indoor use and therefore are fitted with super-elastic non-marking wheels suitable for industrial flooring.

How long can I find spare parts for a machine I purchased?

Zallys guarantees the availability of spare parts for life. Thanks to the sophisticated table system, each machine has its specific spare parts in the archive, which can always be consulted in the Reserved Area. In this way, it will be possible to order spare parts even for very old or even discontinued machines.

What kind of applications can I cover with Zallys electric vehicles?

Thanks to the vast range of products, Zallys can offer towing, transporting or personnel movement solutions for various applications in many sectors, such as towing trolleys or transporting components and maintenance equipment in manufacturing industries, managing logistics and storage processes in warehouses, tow garbage bins and roll-boxes in hospitals and airports, facilitate the movement of staff for inspection and monitoring operations and much more.

Visit the Sectors section to find applications that might be right for you!

Can I use Zallys models without having a license?

Yes, Zallys electric vehicles do not require any license to be used and are all CE certified.

Where are Zallys electric vehicles designed and produced?

The registered and operational headquarters of Zallys, where all our electric machines are designed and developed, is located in Italy, and more precisely in Sarcedo in the province of Vicenza. Zallys is a proud representative of Made in Italy quality and design.

What are the main advantages of Zallys electric vehicles?

Zallys electric vehicles offer a combination of robustness, versatility, safety and ergonomics. They are designed to improve the efficiency of heavy load handling operations in various industrial sectors, and can be integrated with existing fixed systems to carry out operations in areas that they cannot reach. Furthermore, the use of Zallys vehicles prevents the risk of accidents and work related diseases linked to the manual handling of loads.

What are the safety features of Zallys tow tractors?

From the early stages of designing our products, safety is the first factor we take into consideration. All Zallys electric vehicles are equipped with a presence sensor, maintained action controls, electric brake always active in the absence of voltage, emergency stop handle and acoustic warning. Furthermore:

  • tiller-driven vehicles are equipped with an anti-crush button on the head;
  • electric wheelbarrows have hand guards on both handlebars.

In addition to these devices already integrated in the basic version of the machines, it is possible to add, depending on the model, flashing lights or warning lights, wheel protections or intermittent buzzers.

They say about us...

Stainless steel machines for the food sector


We have wanted to introduce electric movers into our workflows for some time, but the hygiene regulations in our sector are very strict. Zallys provided us with the solution with the Zallys M12 tractor in AISI316 stainless steel, a version made specifically for the most delicate sectors.

Paul D.



Ingenious interchangeable battery system


Our distribution center has seen a dramatic increase in productivity since adopting Zallys vehicles. Furthermore, the interchangeable battery seems made especially for our multi-shift work: with this trick we don't have to stop the machine to charge the batteries.

Henry O.



Compact but very powerful


These Zallys M12 electric haulers are efficient, reliable and represent the perfect solution for the safe handling of food containers. The zero-emission engine is critical to keeping our food storage areas clean.

Flynn P.



MACRO M12.jpg

It is a synonym of:

No fixed installations

Zallys electric vehicles avoid having to install fixed systems within the factory.


The Zallys electric vehicles make your production line more flexible and dynamic.


Zallys electric vehicles are multifunctional products that you can use in various departments of your company.

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