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Electric vehicles for towing and transporting

Zallys' products are conceived and created with the precise objective of simplifying material handling operations and making them safer and more efficient, improving productivity and preventing the risk of accidents.

This is why we are constantly committed to designing increasingly complete and functional solutions for every handling need, from towing trolleys to the transport of material and personnel.

Discover the types of Zallys Towing, Transport and Operator On Board products and choose the solution that best suits your needs.

A wide range of electric vehicles for all needs

With its wide range of electric vehicles and continuous pursuit of innovation, Zallys offers cutting-edge solutions for your transport and load handling needs. Choosing Zallys means choosing quality, reliability and sustainability for your business. Zallys' products improve productivity and safety in the workplace during all operations related to the handling of heavy loads.


Towing wheeled loads

Tow trucks are electrically powered vehicles designed for towing heavy wheeled loads, such as trolleys, trailers or roll-boxes. Due to their robustness and performance, they are mainly used in industrial and logistics environments. Their pulling power can meet any need, making them an ideal choice for moving material within warehouses and factories.

Transport of material effortlessly

Conveyors are electric trolleys designed to transport various types of loads, such as boxes, inert material and even long pipes and bars. Available in different sizes and configurations, they are perfect for handling loads both in confined spaces and outdoors.

Thanks to their versatility, they can adapt to any logistical need, making the transport of goods more efficient and sustainable.

Electric vehicles with operator on board

Man on board vehicles are designed to support activities in the workplace. Thanks to their compact and easy to handle structure, they allow staff to move quickly within large industrial plants, optimizing travel times. Their advanced technology makes them reliable and safe, ensuring a more efficient and productive working environment.

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