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Flatbed electric trolley

Zallys M15 is the self-propelled battery-powered trolley for easily and quickly transporting weights up to 500 kg. The non-slip marine plywood loading floor has a surface of 1,040 x 640 mm, to place and transport any type of load without the risk of damaging it. Zallys M15 was designed with measures that allow it to enter goods lifts, pass through doors and rotate on itself. Thanks to the rounded corners (absence of sharp edges) operators can work in complete safety. In case of stopping, the electromagnetic brake blocks the trolley and the practical driving system is equipped with a forward/reverse button, adjustable speed via potentiometer and emergency stop.

Like all Zallys vehicles, M15 is a high quality Made in Italy product, guaranteed and CE certified in compliance with current European regulations.








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Handlebar steering system of the Zallsy M15 battery-powered trolley

The control panel of the Zallys M15 battery-powered trolley indicates the percentage of remaining battery charge, with an additional light that signals when the level is critical and reminds you to recharge as soon as possible.

LED control panel

High efficiency 130 Ah batteries

The Zallys charger provides reliable and quality charging. Thanks to PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, it improves battery performance during charging and prevents potentially harmful current peaks.

Furthermore, it is multi-voltage and adapts to the 110 or 220V electrical network and is equipped with "buffer" technology, essential for maintaining battery performance in the event of long periods of non-use.

High frequency external battery charger

The driving system of the Zallys M15 battery-powered trolley is intuitive and ergonomic, guarantees the right comfort over prolonged use during the work shift and all the controls and safety devices are within easy reach:

  1. ignition key;
  2. LED display with battery charge indicator;
  3. buttons for selecting the travel direction;
  4. dead-man lever;
  5. potentiometer for selecting the travel speed;
  6. mushroom button for emergency stop;
  7. integrated anti-crushing system: by pressing on the dashboard, the machine stops and moves slightly forward.

Ergonomic driving

LED control panel

This model is equipped as standard with two 45Ah batteries, which guarantee the machine an autonomy of 8 working hours with continuous use.

The batteries are AGM sealed and therefore do not require maintenance.

Autonomy for an entire working day

High frequency external battery charger

Flatbed electric trolley

  • to transport loads up to 500 kg ;

  • versatile and compact;

  • with superelastic wheels for indoor use;

  • travel speed adjustment with potentiometer.

A solid and reliable steel body

The frame of the Zallys M15 battery electric trolley is solid and reliable: a light and easy to handle but at the same time long-lasting and resistant structure, studied down to the smallest details to guarantee maximum performance and safety in any situation of use

A large and safe loading surface

The loading surface of the Zallys M15 battery electric trolley is made of non-slip marine plywood , spacious and safe for loading up to 500 kg of material and transporting it stably without the risk of it moving or falling.

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While the hook force expressed in N remains unchanged, the towing capacity expressed in kg may vary based on: type of terrain on which towing is carried out, use or otherwise of ballast and type of wheels mounted on the machine and trailer.

500 kg

Maximum load capacity (on flat surface)

5.5 km/h

Maximum speed forward


Maximum slope

Technical data