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Accessories for tuggers, transporters and vehicles with operator on board

Zallys products can be equipped with a wide range of accessories, depending on needs and applications. Manual, electric or hydraulic hooks for safe connections for towing, platforms and skips of various sizes for the transport of material and ballasts to improve traction.

Furthermore, accessories such as protective covers, warning lights and steering sensors can be added to further increase the safety of Zallys vehicles.

The importance of accessories

Accessories are an integral part of the configuration of Zallys electric vehicles, as it is thanks to them that it is possible to customize the functionalities of the machine and make them suitable for all needs. For example, depending on the type of trolley that needs to be towed there may be hitches that are more or less suitable, or in certain conditions it may be necessary to fit the right number of ballasts to give the machine greater traction capacity.

Choose the right accessories depending on the application

In essence, choosing the most suitable Zallys electric vehicle for the type of application you want to carry out is fundamental, but choosing the right accessories is equally important.

The range of Zallys accessories

Among the numerous accessories that can be equipped on Zallys electric vehicles, we can find:

  • Connection hooks for electric tow tractors, available in various types;

  • Loading platforms of various sizes for electric transporters;

  • Skips of various sizes for electric wheelbarrows;

  • Modular ballast systems to increase machine traction;

  • Safety systems and additional protections.

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