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Professional electric wheelbarrows and transporters

Discover Zallys electric transporters, the professional solution for transporting heavy loads.
Our electric vehicles are equipped with advanced technologies, such as intelligent battery management, which further increase the efficiency of logistics processes. Furthermore, thanks to the electric power supply, Zallys transporters contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and fuel savings.


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High quality carrying tools

Zallys electric transporters are high quality tools, designed for various load capacities and customizable with platforms and tubs of different sizes, suitable to satisfy every type of work requirement. They facilitate the movement of material, eliminating the need for physical effort from the operator. With their robust and reliable frame, the result of a careful selection of materials, Zallys electric trolleys offer a professional solution for the transport of heavy loads, even on slopes or on uneven surfaces, thanks to the standard pneumatic wheels.

Electric vehicles suitable for various working environments

Our vehicles with electric motors are used in various working environments: from distribution centers to e-commerce companies, from hospitals to construction sites, making intralogistics processes more efficient and safe. Furthermore, Zallys electric transporters are environmentally friendly and zero-emission, usable both indoors and outdoors, perfect for a variety of specific applications.

They facilitate the management of activities such as the transport of linen, delivery of meals, transport of medicines and waste collection in hospitals, the transport of spare parts and picking activities in distribution centres, the preparation of orders in e-commerce warehouses, the transport of tools on construction sites, and much more.

Infinite applications

For the tourism and hotel sector, our electric transporters are ideal for transporting luggage and suitcases in resorts, hotels and tourist villages or at airports. In the field of logistics and deliveries for large-scale retail trade (GDO), our vehicles are suitable for the delivery of purchases made online in historic centres, even in limited traffic zones (ZTL).

Furthermore, our vehicles can be customized according to specific customer needs, guaranteeing a tailor-made solution for every type of application. Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, they can be used in different sectors and adapt to changing market needs.

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