Zallys pedestrian operated electric tugs are the ideal solution to increase productivity while reducing hazards, risks and injuries associated with manual handling of loads. Our material handling solutions are designed to move wheeled loads up to 15 tons, while being ergonomic, eco-friendly and easy to use. Some Zallys tugs can be transformed and certified Atex and IECEx - ZONA 1/21 and 2/22 for potentially explosive and therefore dangerous environments.





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Electric tugs are professional vehicles that are used to tow, push and maneuver wheeled loads such as industrial trolleys used for the supply of components to production lines, to move machinery positioned on trolleys equipped with wheels or for handling containers. roll box inside distribution centers, warehouses and supermarkets.

Zallys electric tugs are chosen by customers above all thanks to their compact dimensions that allow them to be used in areas where space is limited and therefore it is not possible to use a traditional forklift. Thanks to their towing capacity, it is possible to move multiple trolleys with a single operator, thus increasing productivity and implementing lean manufacturing processes. Electric power pushers and cart movers are vehicles designed and approved for pulling loads and therefore perfectly compatible with the safety requirements envisaged within automotive manufacturing industries, pharmaceutical companies, companies in the food sector, hospitals and airports.

Zallys electric tugs are an ergonomic, safe and reliable solution for handling loads. Some common applications include:

- movement of rollboxes from the truck that makes deliveries to the warehouse of a store in the large-scale distribution sector

- handling of trolleys used for the distribution of meals or for the transport of linen in hospitals

- towing of machinery within pharmaceutical companies

- collection of shopping trolleys in the parking lots of supermarkets and movement of multiple baggage trolleys in airports

- for handling stainless steel industrial containers used in food companies such as fermenters, tanks, storage silos and mixers

- to facilitate the handling of garbage containers equipped with two or four wheels

- to maneuver and move the chassis of cars, trucks and trains along the production lines

- to pull and push the glass trolleys used in industrial glass companies

- for moving the blades used for the production of wind turbines

- to move different types of machinery and loads placed on rail in the railway industry