A wide range of electric material handling solutions to carry loads up to 1 ton. Zallys electric platform trolleys and electric carts are the ideal solution to increase productivity while reducing hazards, risks and injuries associated with manual handling of loads.

Zallys electric load carts are professional vehicles available with different load capacities and can be equipped with platforms and skips of various sizes to satisfy any work activity that requires the handling of material without physical effort by the operator. Thanks to the sturdiness of the frame they are equipped with and the careful selection of their main components, Zallys electric trolleys represent a professional solution for transporting heavy loads even on slopes. Equipped as standard with pneumatic wheels to ensure their use even on uneven surfaces.Our electric motorized carts are used in various working environments and help optimize intralogistics processes to move goods efficiently and safely. Zallys electric transporters are emission free solutions and therefore can be used both outdoors and indoors and are used for the following applications.

- linen handling, meal delivery, medicine transport and waste collection in hospitals

- transport of spare parts and picking activities within distribution centers

- preparation of orders in the deposits of companies active in the e-commerce sector

- transport of tools and components necessary for the maintenance of machinery and production lines

- transport and unloading of various types of material within construction sites, mines and tunnels

- public green maintenance works

- forage transport to equestrian centers and breeding centers

- delivery of components and semi-finished products within manufacturing companies

- facilitate the transport of luggage and suitcases in resorts, hotels and airports

- for logistics and last mile deliveries for large-scale distribution, delivery of purchases made online in historic centers also in restricted traffic areas.