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Solid and handy electric wheelbarrows to improve safety and productivity of the operators. Eco-friendly, they respect the anti pollution normative for noise or exhaust fumes emission. Perfect solution to easily handle materials without physical effort and in total safety. Designed to work indoor and outdoor on even and uneven grounds.Designed for professional applications on difficult terrain .


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

Strong frame

The robust construction minimizes maintenance and allows intensive use of our vehicles. The robustness of the frames and high quality components make our vehicles unique solutions that resist any comparison. Extremely versatile thanks to the various models and configurations available.

Low operating costs

Oil, filter change, petrol and other lubricants: continuous interventions on an internal combustion engine are necessary. The battery of an electric wheelbarrow is also a part subject to wear, but it lasts easily for 3-5 years. The cost of fully charging an electric wheelbarrow at the end of a working day is at least ten times less than the cost of gasoline needed to operate a wheelbarrow with an internal combustion engine.

Slope is not a problem

Our electric wheelbarrows are suitable to be driven on ramps and ensure stability even on unpaved ground. The Zallys battery powered wheelbarrows even master an incline of up to 30% without any problems. Thanks too their pneumatic tires they can be used in almost any terrain.

Case studies

Brussels - Belgium metro line

The customer's need:

An electric vehicle for transporting heavy loads such as earth, sacks, etc. with good maneuverability.

Our solution:

The Dumper Jet electric wheelbarrow was the ideal solution for this customer. In fact, this model can be used in confined spaces, has a reduced turning radius and does not emit exhaust gases.

Construction site - Venice - Italy

The customer's need:

an electric wheelbarrow to carry out renovations in a building in the historic center, where the use of vehicles with internal combustion engines is no longer possible

Our solution:

the Dumper Jet battery-powered wheelbarrow that offers compact dimensions, does not emit emissions or noise, so it can also be used in historic centers and at night

Manufacturer of prefabricated elements - Italy

The customer's need:

Handling of building material without using a forklift, especially in outdoor areas in the presence of uneven ground.

Our solution:

An electric trolley with loading platform which, thanks to its heavy duty shafts , is able to carry up to 1000 kg. The pneumatic wheels also make it perfect for outdoor use.

Handling inside the tunnel

The customer's need:

Move medical personnel in the tunnel quickly and safely.

Our solution:

JACK is a specific machine with double guide to tackle tunnels where there is no room for maneuver to turn around. The operator drives towards the inside of the tunnel; once you get to the end, change your driving position to go back out.

Battery-powered wheelbarrow indoors in building

The customer's need:

Wheelbarrow for handling loads of goods within construction sites, in safety for the operator.

Our solution:

The versatile and compact D1 electric wheelbarrow is the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of aggregate materials and for loads up to 300 kg with standard anti-corrosion tank.

Electric wheelbarrow to transport goods within construction sites

The customer's need:

Wheelbarrow for transporting heavy loads of inert material on construction sites, safely for the operator.

Our solution:

The DUMPER JET professional electric barrow is the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of aggregate materials. Versatile and compact, for loads up to 500 kg, with pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use without damaging the surface and standard anti-corrosion tanks.

Electric transporter for construction

The customer's need:

Electric transporter for heavy loads on construction sites, for use on the most difficult terrains such as sand, snow and slopes, which could offer at the same time good maneuverability and safety for the operator.

Our solution:

The R6 industrial electric transporter with 4-wheel drive, which makes it perfect for use on the most difficult terrain, is the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of loads for transport up to 800 kg, towing up to 6000 kg. The wheels are pneumatic for indoor and outdoor use, a wide range of standard or customizable platforms on request.

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