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Zallys products are designed to provide maximum functionality for all the applications they can be used for.

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A continuous improvement to products is done to keep up with the latest technologies and to be able to offer the best solutions to our customers. Our electric material handling solutions are equipped with all the necessary safety features and are manufactured in Italy with high quality materials.

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Particular attention is paid to the design and functional aspect of all our electric utility vehicles.

User ergonomics and safety are the fundamental principles of our design processes.

Who we are and what we do

25 years of manufacturing

Zallys srl is a manufacturer of electric vehicles for various industrial branches including logistics, construction , retail and supermarkets , but also airports and hospitals and much moreOur company has been active in the international market for more than 25 years and we presently have a network of over 60 distributors worldwide and 250+ dealers in Italy.

Aftersales Support

Zallys offers an online and offline customer care service.

Online because our goal is to provide a 24/7 prompt reply available to anyone via mobile devices or computer;

Offline when a specific technical support must be tailored to your needs.

Our story

Thanks to decades of experience in the design and manufacture of professional electric vehicles Zallys has become a leading company in its sector, capable of offering logistics solutions that meet the needs in material handling activities of wheeled loads or transport of goods and personnel.

International vocation

For over 20 years we have been selling abroad. Thanks to the work done over the years to create a solid, stable and reliable commercial network, we have achieved a global presence in terms of product distribution and assistance.

Some data: +60 dealers worldwide; +250 dealers in Italy.

Production and design



All our products are designed with the 3D modeling program "Solidworks Premium" to guarantee a high quality standard even before materializing the product.



Our production line adopts the Lean Production system. Thanks to it, we are able to be flexible, fast and offer punctual deliveries in addition to constant quality levels.


The Customer

Business ethics is strongly based on transmitting values such as trust, transparency and reliability. We are chosen by customers who are looking for a premium quality product.


The Zallys team is made up of a large family taking into consideration all those people who work directly and indirectly for the company and are part of a working group of about 200 persons. As a leading producer we not only focus on our own performance, but also on that of our suppliers that are selected according to high level quality standards. It is our priority to put in the market Premium products starting from the quality of raw materials to the finished product.

Photo Adriano Zamberlan

Adriano Zamberlan

CEO Founder - Zallys srl

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Letizia Valerio

CEO Founder - Zallys srl

Contact persons

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Marketing manager & Web designer

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Lean production manager

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Graphic designer

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Finance and administrator

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Production Manager

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Expert welder

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Expert assembler

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Electronic engineer

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Shipping and warehouse senior

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