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Eco-friendly vehicles, silent running and without emissions to protect fields, products and animal husbandry, are the best choice to work better, faster and without risks, while respecting the nature. Platform trolleys and man on board electric vehicles to transport loads and personnel, considerably reducing production times and physical efforts. Electric vehicles that can also be used off-road, sturdy but at the same time compact. Can also be used in closed environments such as greenhouses and nurseries.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

A complete range

Thanks to the wide range of electric vehicles manufactured by Zallys, we can offer a solution for countless applications. Among the various models available, it is possible to find a tractor to facilitate pruning in the vineyards, electric wheelbarrows for the transport of food in zoological parks and farms, man-on-board vehicles for the transport of an operator and goods inside and outside of large farms, flower nurseries, etc.

Off road use

The choice of equipping our machines with pneumatic wheels makes their use possible even on uneven ground. Electric vehicle tires contribute significantly to their performance and safety at work. The most important thing is the environment in which the vehicle is to be used: while smooth industrial floors have only low traction and suspension properties, electric vehicles face many more challenges when used outdoors. For each model Zallys always chooses the most suitable tires.

Excellent performance even on slopes

Whichever Zallys vehicle you choose, we have the perfect combination for the best performance, reliability and efficiency. The electric vehicles Zallys for agriculture, animal husbandry and viticulture are designed to work in agriculture and work within farms and can also be used on rough terrain. An electric brake prevents the vehicle from driving even on slopes.

Case studies

Dal Forno Romano Farm - Italy

The customer's need:

Electric tractor perfect for pruning and harvesting vineyards.

Our solution:

Electric ride-on tractor ideal on uneven ground, equipped with an electro brake that prevents the vehicle from moving when not in use.

Strawberry producer - France

The customer's need:

An electric vehicle with man on board, to optimize the operator's work, ideal for picking activities (and not only).

Our solution:

A customized version to optimize the work of the operators, with load capacity up to 500 kg.

Breeding Rhône-Alpes region - France

The customer's need:

4-wheel electric trolley ideal for outdoor use, in the agriculture and livestock sector.

Our solution:

Designed to make the operator's work easier and safer. Ideal on uneven farmland.

Electric wheelbarrow for beekeeping

The customer's need:

Electric wheelbarrow to transport material inside the beekeeping, easy, practical and safe for the operator.

Our solution:

The D1 electric wheelbarrow is the ideal solution for beekeeping. This model can in fact be used in confined spaces, has a small turning radius, versatile and compact with a standard anti-corrosion tank.

Electric conveyor for breeding

The customer's need:

Electric conveyor for use on the most difficult terrains such as sand and slopes, in the agricultural and livestock sector.

Our solution:

The R6 industrial electric transporter with 4-wheel drive is the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of loads, suitable for farmers and breeders, for transport up to 800 kg and for towing up to 6000 kg, with pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use .

Electric multipurpose trolley for vineyard

The customer's need:

Electric ride-on tractor suitable for pruning and harvesting on vineyards.

Our solution:

Electric garden tractor JAY 800, versatile and ergonomic, is the ideal solution for harvesting and pruning vines. Zallys Jay is the ecological and professional vehicle to make working in the vineyards easier.

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