Material handling in the automotive industry is an ever changing process that goes through numerous transformations. In few decades assembly lines manned by individual workers have been transformed into lines where modern and ergonomics equipments and solutions have been implemented. Electric tugger trains , pedestrian tow tugs and order picking electric trolleys became very popular and are nowadays being selected by the major role players of the automotive sector.


The benefits of Zallys solutions for this sector

Production processes and Lean Manufacturing

Lean and efficient production are the key elements of production processes based on the Lean method. Unoptimized operations and management negatively affect productivity. Choosing a Zallys solution allows you to tow more trolleys simultaneously, reduce maneuvering space and costs for the company thanks to the reduced consumption and low maintenance required on our electric vehicles.

Manual handling of loads reduced to a minimum

Manual handling of loads is one of the following activities for workers: lifting, holding, setting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving a load. When handling loads manually, several risk factors contribute to health hazards and thus also to an increased risk of injury. Investing in a Zallys solution helps avoid risks and increase productivity.

Our range of solutions continues to remain unmatched

What Zallys can offer is not only a wide range of standard solutions, but also customized vehicles. We work with you to develop tailor-made, optimized solutions, taking into account all operational, organizational and project-specific parameters. Flexibility and dynamism are our strength!

Case studies

Renault (Revoz) - Slovenia

The customer's need:

Optimization of the handling of car frames in the painting department

Our solution:

The  powered tug Zallys M12 that, thanks to its compactness, can handle bulky loads even in confined spaces.

Mercedez Benz - Turkey

The customer's need:

Efficient handling of bus chassis in some production departments.

Our solution:

The Zallys M4 electric tug that can move up to 12 tons when the load is on rails.

Zallys - M10

The customer's need:

Moving bus during the production process

Our solution:

Zallys M10 is the best solution for heavy duty applications such as buses, tractors, excavators and trucks: it handles wheeled loads up to 15.000 kg and loads on rail up to 60.000 kg.

Zallys - M6.5

The customer's need:

Moving trolleys to transport cabs during the painting process.

Our solution:

Zallys M6.5 is the tow tractor with steering tiller that tows up to 6,000 kg such as trolleys to transport cabs for excavators during the painting process.

Zallys - M12

The customer's need:

Handle trolleys for the engine of trucks or cars

Our solution:

Zallys M12 is the electric vertical tug, suggested to handle trolleys for the cabin and the engine of trucks or cars, even in tight spaces, thanks to its compact dimensions.

Zallys - M5

The customer's need:

Towing or moving heavy and bulky loads in narrow spaces

Our solution:

The versatile and compact industrial electric power pusher is the ergonomic solution for handling heavy and bulky loads up to 4,000 kg. Thanks to its small size and its maneuverability, this power pusher is ideal for handling loads in confined spaces where it is not possible to use a forklift.

Electric tug for towing trucks in automotive companies

The customer's need:

Handle very heavy loads, such as trucks, during production processes without any effort.

Our solution:

The M10 industrial electric tug is a powerful, versatile and compact electric tug, with rudder drive, designed and built for handling rubber loads up to 15,000 kg. It represents the ideal solution to eliminate the manual handling of heavy loads, with pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use.

Zallys M12 - Electric tug for the automotive industry

The customer's need:

Move heavy loads in confined spaces, in total safety and ergonomics.

Our solution:

The M12 industrial electric handler, with rudder drive, is the optimal solution for moving heavy loads up to 1500 kg and has a wide range of hooks that make hooking up to the trolley simple and immediate. This allows the operator to save a lot of useful time and to be able to carry out his duties in total safety and ergonomics.



Zallys M10 - Electric tug

The customer's need:

Move buses during production processes without any effort.

Our solution:

Zallys M10 electric tug ideal for loads up to 10,000 kg (15,000 kg with upgrade), versatile and compact with steering tiller to make it extremely manageable and comfortable in manoeuvring, guaranteeing safety, efficiency and optimization of time.

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